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“I just had this gut feeling”, Jomana, Accountant

24. July, 2019

The company Voya represents business travel in an extremely  globalized, connected and digital world. But what do its employees stand for? Jomana is in charge of Voya’s internal accounting.

The 37-year old has been a part of the Voya family for two years. Familiar to her is also the travel industry concept. For years Jomana worked as a hotel manageress all over Germany. Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Baden-Baden, a year in England. Eventually she completed a training to become a financial accountant.

As the family grew so did Jomana’s desire to leave the travel industry, to try something new. She googled “Accounting, part-time, Hamburg”. Jomana skimmed through the job ads, scanned the company logos while scrolling, stopped, clicked on a link. New challenges together with “the best coffee” and particularly fresh fruit are promised by the employer. What followed was a decision based on a gut feeling.

Instead of turning her back on the travel sector, like originally planned, Jomana returned. “The product Voya”, she replies to the question why. The stimulus was formed by the desire to be part of an innovation in the making and, at the same time, to live in Hamburg.

The need for some fresh air – and a home in the North

“The job ad immediately caught my eye”, Jomana tells us today. The logo, the colours, the wording … everything was so different, “fresher”, not only referring to the highly praised fruit found in the office.

The travel industry she had come to know was not to be found in the advertisement. Instead, it was reinvented. Out of an inner impuls Jomana decided to apply and a few days later found herself sitting opposite Co-Founder Florian and Head of Finance & Business Intelligence, Nicole.

“The conversation was just as the job description had seemed – totally easy going, as if we were old acquaintances” Jomana remembers.

Since then she has been supporting Nicole in the internal accounting process and the positioning and document management. At the end of each month she checks if every transaction, every booking has been fully documented. Not seldomly Jomana has to turn into a detective to complete this task. Should a hotel or rental car invoice not be addressed correctly, it has to be retraced, the correct version has to be requested and subsequently saved in the right place.

Generally Jomana is involved in checking travel expenses and creating customer invoices. Unfortunately, this includes the dunning of customers from time to time. Good that a supportive team, fresh fruit and the best coffee are only a few steps away.